About Us

In 1997, Mario Lubrani started pressing mugs, mousepads and hats on the back porch of his home in Eatontown. He had been working in the toy industry, but wanted to start his own business, and he saw a niche in the garment industry.

Apparel and entrepreneurship runs in the blood of the Lubrani family. Mario’s grandmother had come from Italy and sewed fur linings into coats to earn a living. She opened a blouse factory in Newark and made it through the depression with a successful business. She took great care of the women who worked for her- so much so that her staff would turn away union workers when they came in to speak with them. Mario’s mother also worked in the apparel industry, and he grew up watching her do piecework.

Mario opened the door to the Imprint Shop store on Highway 35 in 2003. He and his wife, Marilyn, embroidered everything from t-shirts to tote bags with their in-house embroidery machines. His daughter, Maria, would occasionally work in the store as well, and in the beginning of 2018, she purchased the business from her father when he could no longer work. Maria is working determinedly to expand the business, embroidering and taking orders during the day, and managing and updating the website at night.

The Imprint Shop provides every customer with quality embroidered and screen printed, personalized apparel. All of the embroidery work continues to be done exclusively in-house and is subject to Maria’s precise attention to detail.

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